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Marble Processing / Granite Processing

Technically , Marble is formed from re-crystallized carbon out of limestone which goes thru intense heat and pressure caused by tectonic shifting of earth’s crust .

Whereas , Granite is a solilfied rock from magma comprising of compressed quartz grains , mica and similar material .

These Rocks are drilled , chiseled and also blasted out of mountains and sent to the Processing Plant .

The processing of Marble & Granite starts from mountain rocks and it goes all the way to your Kitchen , Bathroom , Halls , Passages etc .

Briefly , the process can be described as:

Squaring the Blocks , Monolama Gangsaw machines are  used for squaring the rocks from quarries , at Marnite Industries  we are using diamond blades and monowire   technology for swift production and also better finish .

 Slab Cutting , is the next step , squared blocks from monolama are transferred to slab cutting section , where our   multi-wire saw machines and gangsaw machines cut blocks into slabs , only a skillfully cut slab ensures a great countertop for your kitchen , that is why we use only top Italian stone machine brands for our monolama process .

Slab Polishing   our 22 head fully automatic polishing line by Barsanti (Italy) has no match with conventionally used single head Chinese made polishing machines ,  after polishing the elegance of stones speaks for itself .

Other processes may also be performed on unpolished slabs , such as ;

Antique finish , Flaming , Bush hammering etc.

 Tiles cutting   the polished slabs are finally cut-to-size  into   tiles of 30×30 cm   , 60×60 cm  ,  30x60cm etc  or kitchen tops as per requirement of the project . This cutting is done on state-of-the-art Bridge Saw  machine by Terzago ( Italy ) which ensures laser guided accuracy in leveling and angling of pieces .

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Polishing the marble and Granite
Marble and Granite Slab Cutting
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