Stone Pavers

Greater Strength with Aesthetics…

Marnite Industries offer the unique concept of paving your paths with splendor accompanied with much greater strength. Stone pavers are made of materials like limestone basalt, different marble and granite. Compared to the conventional concrete pavers, our stone pavers offer much more sturdiness with PSI up to 100K. This ensures longer lasting durability of the grounds of areas as tough as factory yards & heavy machinery yards etc. Our pavers will add the aesthetic element to your landscaping by offering various patterns created by combinations of different shapes and different colored stones.

Our Stone Pavers

  • Are Sturdier than any concurrent paver available in the market due to their high integral strength and density.
  • Can be of any thickness, any size and many shapes and stones to fit your needs.
  • Can be used widely in building and landscaping as they are highly appreciable for beauty, strength and durability.
  • Are ideal pavers because of low-porous nature that stays cool in direct sunlight, making them a popular choice for pool-sides, terraces, walkways and outdoor entertainment areas.
  • Are Easy to Maintain/Clean and hard-wearing in outdoor use – New every time when cleaned & polished.
  • Are Cost Savers in Long Run, since it is a One Time Installation to your Architecture for a long time
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