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Gangsaw – by Gasapri Menotti

This is a sturdy, reliable gang saw machine, coherent with modern sawing requirements; and able to reach high production levels which is also very innovative in certain areas. The machine comes from a well-known Italian machine maker name Gasapri Menotti.

Fixing of the block carriage to the lifting platform is by means of four pairs of sturdy steel racks which fit closely together and do not allow any movement which may be damaging to the sawing.

The sliding blocks run on stainless steel rails, which is a simple and highly reliable system.

MonoBlade Gangsaw – by Bansanti

BARSANTI, is a seasoned and legendary Italian brand famous for their splendid stone processing Machineries. This Gangsaw besides being most credible since it is by Barsanti, is featured with automatic connecting rod with rectilinear motion needed to cut granite blocks into slabs.

22 Head Fully Automatic Granite Polishing Line – by Barsanti

This 22 Header Granite Polishing Line Machine is another beauty from the Italian legends Barsanti. Having 22 polishing heads it can work on up to 2200 mm width and enable us to offer the stones finished on Italian standards to the market, which so far had been imported.

The machine is featured with:

  • Rotating Slabs Support for Loading and Unloading,
  • Motorized roller table,
  • Polishing machine with 22 heads,
  • Wax machine and
  • Automatic Plastic Film Dispenser.

Multi Wire Block Cutting Machine – by Bidese

Our Multi Wire Block Cutter Machine is an Italian Bidese brand well known in the Industry. It is equipped with diamond wires with various diameters.

The structure, length and geometry of the wires guarantees lower wire vibrations while cutting, leading to higher cutting quality and finishing.

The Motorized positioning of each wire driving drum can get it positioned nearest the block, which means that the cutting quality is always the best and down feed is always the fastest.

The three-groove profiles guarantee the greatest versatility in the thickness cutting sequence.

Tumbling Machine – by Rösler

The Specially designed Tumbler Machine comes from another well-known Italian Rösler Group. The Rösler Group has been the experts in the field of surface finishing for more than 80 years and offers the most extensive portfolio in the world of mass finishing systems and services.

The unique features of this tumbling machine creates the innovative “multi-tumbling” action, which ensures that the blast stream reaches all surface areas, thus producing even and consistent blast results. Brightly cleaned parts surface, are achieved in short cycle times with a highly consistent finish.

Bridge Saw Cutter – by Terzago

This Bridge saw machine, a product of the Italian firm Terzago which is in the machine building business since 1905. The company masters in the sector of projecting and construction of Machinery for the processing of the stone materials.

This Bridge Saw machine works with features like Laser alignment; Multi-Purpose Head for Milling, Drilling and Levelling Tools; and CNC Multi-Axis Capability for contouring & Shaping of slabs.

Bridge Saw Cutter – by Campagnola e Fedeli

This machine is from the well-established Italian company Campagnola e Fedeli, with a vast experience of 45 years in machine making field. This Bridge Saw Cutter is designed and built to satisfy the most demanding challenges in the field of stone processing and shaping. The cutting head is suitable for fast and precise cutting operations.

Monowire SAW  – by Pellegrini

The Pellegrini Group of Italy, is well-known all over the world for the production of machinery and equipment for quarrying and processing of dimensional stone for more than 50 years. Their Mono Wire saw at our factory is used for dressing blocks and cutting slabs with efficiency and far better accuracy than observed in the current domestic or Chinese stone processing.

Stone Splitting Plant  – by MEC

Our Stone Splitting plant is from MEC, Italy. MEC has established itself as the best in the splitting and processing of stone field with its powerful, high-precision and fully customizable machines.

This plant works automatically for production of several size pieces, like curbs, cobblestones, paving stones. The application and the finish product can be therefore variable depending on the production requirements of each customer.

According to the kind of material and block’s dimensions the MEC’s Splitting plant provides the most ideal solution with adequate feeding system and automatic control system.

Multiblade Block Cutter

Multi-Blade Block Cutter – by Pedrini

This Multi blade Block Cutter is a synthesis of tested technical solutions and cutting edge technologies at yet another well-known Italian Machines manufacturers, Pedrini.

Having a fixed height blades holder frame and a lifting block holder platform, it allows for high cutting frequency with large cutting stroke and ensures precise cuts even with the maximum lowering speed

cnc machine for marnite industries

CNC Machine  – by CMS Brembana

This High-Tech machine by CMS Brembana, Italy (exclusively owned in Pakistan by Marnite Industries) is from the advance generation of CNC technology. The machine produces carving, engraving and shaping jobs with precise accuracy to the CAD design input electronically through computer. The delicacy and finesse of curves & angles in a given design produced on stones by this machine is literally a treat for the observer as with this machine we can bring into existence almost ANY STONE IDEA .

Innovative stone ideas!

Elegance of Nature

Hi-tech Processing


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